12 November 2012

After the flood

Some art about floods...
Karen Lofgren, Gold Flood, 2009 (from here)
Alfred Sisley, Flood at Port Marly (available as a poster)
Antony Gross, Gateway into Germany: The Maas in Flood near the Berg Bridge (1944) (held by the Tate)
Monet, Flood in Argenteuil (from here)
A Byzantine mosaic (from Bridgman Art Library, via here)
Hans Baldung Grien (1516), The Flood (Bridgeman Art Library via here)
Paula Rego's Flood (Tate Modern, via here)

Here Comes the Flood by Rob Gonsalves (from here)
 And to end - this isn't art, it's the result of corrosive sludge when a reservoir in Hungary flooded -
Pix of the area six months after the event are here.

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