13 November 2012

Book du jour - papers in progress

Some of the waterlogged papers missed getting thrown out. Coloured ink had run into tissue paper and made for a colourful result -
blotting paper soaks up colour well....
the newspaper - from 1997 - has a headline "our star performer"
two pieces of tissue exposed to different colours of ink
This project-within-a-project is now known at the "using up wet&warped paper" project. It might become the "wallpaper" of the street of "reading rooms".

I've also been experimenting with dyeing paper rather than inking it.
The dye is a black procion dye which I've had for a while. It's dissolved in a small quantity of water, and the soda ash is dissolved separately in rather more water. After the paper is wetted with the soda ash solution (with a large sponge brush), the dye solution is drip-dropped on, and moved about with a wide paintbrush - I like to use a fan brush. The grey look is from diluting the dye too much, ie putting too much soda ash water on at first. When the dye is very concentrated, it dries with a golden sheen. The spots and crinkles are graphite frottage, done before dyeing.

Next lot of experiments include puncturing the paper before and after dyeing. And then I have to decide whether to use dye (cheaper, as I have it already) or go buy more ink (which is blacker).

Must remember to wear gloves when using ink and dye ... both can stain the hands rather dreadfully.

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