05 November 2012

Book du jour - drum leaf binding

Last week, a workshop with Sarah Bryant at LCBA, learning drum leaf binding, in which single sheets are folded and glued together at spine and foredge. Sarah had prepared kits with all we needed, and all tools were supplied -
including individual bricks to use as weights. (Leaving the glued sections under a weight for a while is important.)

A glimpse inside the spine. The covers and text block are glued at the spine and covered with a strip of kozo paper and then a wider section of tyvek or cambric. A piece of bristol board with the same measurement as the spine is encased in book cloth and glued onto the boards, leaving about 3mm unglued so the spine is flexible and the book can open -
 After 3 hours, we each had a blank book to take home, and a new structure in our repertoire.

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