26 November 2012

How's that again?

From the cookware department of John Lewis -
So.... you can use it in the oven, and it'll be safe in the freezer and the microwave, but you shouldn't use it there ... ??

I think they mean: Do not use on the hob.

Is it dishwasher safe?

What the label doesn't say - which the labels on some other casseroles said - was to let it cool before washing. (The shock of cold water on a hot dish can crackle the glaze.)

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Kathleen Loomis said...

My junior high school science class was about 75% boys and one day they were particularly rowdy in class. The poor teacher was getting to the end of his rope. He was heating something up in a test tube over a bunsen burner and one kid interrupted the remarks to yell "what would happen if you dunked that test tube in ice water?" The teacher snapped and yelled back "It's a pyrex tube, you dope, nothing would happen" and plunged it into the sink full of cold water. You guessed it, the tube shattered and glass flew all around the room. I have never forgotten that and have been quite careful about where I put hot dishes ever since.