16 November 2012

Book du jour - three generations

Having made one version of the "three generations" book (results here), I'm going to do it "properly" this time. Gather the materials beforehand. Make all those choices before doing the binding (drum leaf binding).
Printing will be on cream paper, endpapers will be light grey, the boards will be covered with the paper with the tiny print, and I'll make the bookcloth for the spine, using fusible web to join cloth onto tissue paper. (Also needed: the boards, some tyvek or cambric, and some bristol board - just small amounts.)

But which of the fabrics to use for the bookcloth ... ? I want to make a book with each of them! Or, maybe none of these. I've left them lying on the workbench, ready for a rethink once I get back from looking round the Small Publishers Fair.

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