07 November 2012

Then and now - the studio

May 2006 - tidy but not all that convenient
November 2012 - crowded but much more workable
The armchair has given way to the sewing machine table - which is blocked, just for the moment, by the big box of tools belonging to my son the carpenter. It's thanks to himm the cupboards have been moved to the opposite corner - you can just about see them reflected in the window, were it not for the boards and sheets of wood stacked in front of them! This made room for extending the workbench and putting more shelving under it. We had to replace the old boiler (in the cupboard), which somehow led to the cupboard door being turned into a table in front of the window, where I love to sit (it has under-table heating!).

Yesterday it took most of the day to clear the table of bookmaking supplies and leftovers. Mainly leftovers. But those bits of paper and board and whatever might come in handy for something someday, so I haven't thrown them out - haven't even sorted through them. They are now in a box (or two) in the open cupboard, out of sight, which means out of mind... so I've written on my calendar an appointment to sort through them, in a couple of weeks.

Reorganisation - finding new places for things - takes so much longer than simply discarding things. Something to keep in mind!

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