19 November 2012

Book du jour - three generations

Still auditioning "book cloth" for the spine...
Taking a photo is good because it gives a more objective look to the items being considered ... or is it that the colour values are changed slightly by the camera? In any case, the three in the middle have been eliminated from the range of possibilities.

The black-and-silver fabric at bottom left is from a broken umbrella - not sure whether nylon is really suitable for the spine treatment of a book....

The beige on the right was used in "The Seeing I" - made into bookcloth by adhering it to tissue with some fusible web. It turned out to be quite thick, and because it's a rough silk, it's not very functional, eg hardly suitable for a textbook; but then, I wasn't using it for a textbook - and the wear&tear from handling is part of the life of a book.

Now that a book using the subject matter of this project has been made, I'll put it aside for a while - the Al-Mutanabbi Street books need to be finished. Or rather, started - it's been all experiments so far.

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