07 April 2013

Birds about the house

this tiny needlepoint from the mid-80s marks my return to an interest in  all things creative
one more pie-rook and it would be a collection
dinner plates from the Natural History Museum
a dish towel? too good to use!
salt and pepper shakers from the 1950s
back from a Greek holiday
...and from a Portuguese holiday
African guinea-fowl(?) with friends from India and Sweden
painted on a cupboard
...and the other door
this one came from St Petersburg, 1996
...and this one from Estonia a few years later
sometimes it's used for what it was designed for - squeezing wedges of lemon
a fascinating book (by Robert Burton, pub 1990)
Out the front windows - pigeons and gulls; out the back, crows, magpies, blue tits.

"A Bird in the House" is the title of a collection of short stories by Canadian author Margaret Laurence. Having a wild bird fly into the house is an omen of bad news, illness, or death - this superstition is related to the otherworldly powers of birds, and the sense of a message being delivered.

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