17 April 2013

Fun for kids of all ages

These "activity books" are from a selection at the bookshop at the Wellcome Collection, where the current exhibition, till 30 June, is Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan. Well worth seeing! 300 works by 26 artists; it's on till 30 June, and there's quite a bit of info on the exhibition website, including a short video and many images (photography wasn't allowed in the exhibition).

We weren't really there for the bookshop, we were there for the show. "Art created without tuition ... art created without an audience in mind ..." says the video. Each mode of expression carries its own interest, and I was struck how "present" each artist was in the work. At the end of the exhibition there are screens with short videos of some of the artists at work, or talking about their work. What a lifeline this form of expression is for them.

1 comment:

June said...

I read that as "art created with _in_tuition; art created without an audience in mind." Now there's a puzzlement for a Friday night.

Alas, it was a slightly clearer commentary, so I am left knowing the puzzle was really just a misreading:-)