22 April 2013

Drawing class, week 1

The (City Lit) class is called "Seeing images" and it's about "visual structure". This week it was about line and shape, and we drew with charcoal, from a still life -
After the first drawing, the objects were moved and we rubbed out the drawing, then built it up again (from the negative shapes) ... and rubbed out ... and built it up again, this time checking the sizes and alignment of the objects/shapes. I had the farther sheet of paper quite wrong. You often can't see what's wrong and someone else can see it right away; it's a surprise and a relief to be able to fix it -
 Finally a spotlight was brought in, and we added lines (with pastel) to delineate the dark shapes -
 My main problem was a common one - making the faraway objects too big -

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