09 April 2013

Found while moving furniture

These were made in the space of about a month in 2006, with an Australian inspiration (I wrote about starting them here and show them all here). For several years they formed part of the padding on top of the trunk that has left this room and gone to another use. Of the series of six quilts, two have been sold. They were such fun to make; one seemed to arise from another. Even the quilting was fun - a certain loose handling of parallel lines -
Elsewhere, a chance to add phantom fish among the seaweed -

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beatrice De said...

Well, well, moving things in the studio, I discover patchworks i had done for an optical window. Complètement crazy !
I put on *tricot, couture et bricolage blog. Lob cabin with very bright colors. Silk from Omega decorations I had always kept.
So what can I do with it !
Decide to make an * entourage de porte* when fed up. Will sell it.