13 April 2013

Land art walk

It took us nearly six hours to do a four-mile walk - the idea was to make some "land art" along the way. I took along two cones of red thread, not quite knowing what I'd be doing with it, but soon started tying the thread to things
photo by Sabine Thoele
and tying things together -

 The thicker yarn (chenille) shows up better in the photos (and is more noticeable in real life) -
The evening before, and on the way to Goring, I'd been finger-crocheting the thread into something more substantial, and used it to wrap this branch that had been cut from the trees nearby -

Later, it was irresistible to decorate this conifer that had somehow found its way to the Gatehampton railway bridge (designed by Brunel in 1838) -
and I had to add a "nest" to this welcoming little tree -
Mary did some serious work along the riverside -
Eventually we got to the top of the steep hill (nice view, with Brunel's brick bridge in the background) and had lunch amid the grazing sheep.
Mary continued with the plant structures theme -
while the photographers enjoyed the intermittent sunshine
and I gathered stones (chalk, actually) for a bit of hummock-paving -
The rain held off till we were back in the car.

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