03 April 2013

Blast from the past

Quite a few fabrics have been biding their time in the trunk that we removed from the living room. Just look at those prices!

They were bought in 1989 or 90 - does that make them vintage? At the time I was buying fabric to make "sheet to street" pyjamas - very fetching they were, and well made, with a classic round neck and covered buttons. I'd make a pair or two of an evening, after work, and sold a few, then ran out of marketing impetus.

Altogether the trunk contained about 20 lengths of fabric, some of which I still love and intend to use (but for what?) "eventually". These dress lengths need to go to new homes, or a good cause ....


Sue said...

I came across this link to a very interesting project that seems perfect for those of us with a surfeit of dress fabrics, via Radio 4's You and Yours, and an interview with the Pughs:
I certainly plan to sew a few!

patty a. said...

If they are all cotton they would be great in a quilt! I love vintage cottons and have a bin from the 50s', and one for each following decade.