08 May 2013

Back to sewing kits

With the pattern for the Binders Keepers tool roll pretty much stabilised, I'm trying to reach a similar equilibrium for the sewing kits. There seem to be two main problems - keeping the little scissors from falling out, and providing somewhere to hold needles. Perhaps other issues are yet to appear?

The latest version has kept the woolly pockets for the needles (wool because it's nice for sticking needles into). Maybe it doesn't need to be wool? I like the combination of different textures of fabric, though. The pockets are convenient for hanks of yarn, scraps of fabric, things in packets, that sort of item. Inside the pockets are secret pockets, a continuation of the white strip.
It also has a flap held down by a button, under which the scissors nestle. At the top of the flap is another secret pocket, useful for a thimble, I thought -
The outside of this prototype is a bit of furnishing fabric - rather dull, I think - chintz would be more cheerful -


Stitchinscience said...

This is a great design Margaret. As I'm about to be a commuter again, I'll need something like this to carry my supplies. Do you mind if I copy?

JAQUINTA said...

scissors falling out?

sew a magnet into the fabric structure
by creating a little pouch for it inbetween the lining and the outer fabric
then all metal objects will jump to the magnet and be kept in place....

Sue Sharples said...

All looking good & neat. Found something in one of my grandmother's Women's Institute sewing guides which might interest on same theme!! Will send a pic to you!! x Sue

lisette said...

I neeeed one of these - great design, especially the thimble pocket