28 May 2013

Liquorice allsorts for zebras?

Polymer clay (Fimo) that's been around for 5 or 6 years feels hard,  but can  still be used - it's crumbly at first but with a bit of rolling (and the heat from your hands) it can be made into long rolls and then long strips, like the black and white "journey lines" -
The beads are for use on the sewing kits and binders keepers. I made a variety of types, to see what works best -
 The colours are a bit garish on their own, so I mixed them to get a range of shades -

They've been baked and are ready to use. They raise the possibility for "composing" the sewing kits - starting with the bead, finding the right ribbon, then choosing the fabrics ... rather than leaving the ribbon and bead as the final elements to be


Sandy said...

These are great. love the title!
can you remind me the directions for baking?

irenemacwilliam said...

They are gorgeous and just like liquorice allsorts. The black and white stripes so appeal to me.Irene