14 May 2013

Desiderata at Collect craft fair

So many beautiful objects...! Collect is held in the Saatchi Gallery, in big white rooms, and most of the stands are sizeable (at £300 a square metre...). Here are a few of the many things that caught my eye -
Wood vessels by Ernst Gamperl
A rough but shimmering finish
Boxes included in the purchase price of Japanese crafts
Deeply-dyed indigo sculptures - but no labels
Peppers captured in Colin Reid's glass
New work by Hiroshi Suzuki
Detail of patterning
Subtle lettering on "96 Deep Bowls" by Rupert Spira
Hand raised Britannia silver vases by Ndidi Ekubia
"Bad Mother" by Freddie Robins
Pippin Drysdale's grouped ceramics (think "Australian desert")
Wonderful modern jewellery - in the foreground, work by Iris Bodemer
(for instance, this steel & string neckpiece)
Books carved from swirl-grained madrone burl by Michael Peterson
Other names from my notebook are Gesine Hackenburg (jewellery), Hanne Friis (textile), Katie Bunnell (ceramics), Agneta Spangberg (extrovert ceramics), Jean-Claude Legrand (ceramics), Chantal Delporte (glass), Ainsley Hillard (tapestry),  Mihara Ken (ceramics),  Millie Behrens (jewellery), Claire Malet,  Pamela Wilson (textiles and jewellery - the piece on show incorporated fishing line, sausage casing and red plastic tubes, wonderful).

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Olga said...

Lovely stuff indeed. There is an interesting article about Mihara Ken in the current issue of Craft Arts International - with stunning photos. http://www.craftarts.com.au/current.asp