28 May 2013

Before and during

Big clear-out at the weekend studio is underway - in preparation for the Open Studio next month, and ... because it's high time for a clear-out and dust-down! Those pix were taken on the Sunday and Monday, respectively. The extent of the change is hardly apparent, but much has been done, especially in the rest of the room - taking ornaments off shelves, for example, to make room for showing work.

On Monday we went to get new storage boxes, and they fit nicely onto the bookshelves. As they're plastic and not cardboard, I can see what's in them - and while transferring and sorting the fabrics, I managed to bin some of them - small but definite progress! There's now room on the shelves for more of the new boxes, and with any luck they'll aborb some of the contents of the white unit behind the door and its spillover.

The countertop has taken a few steps backward, but that will be addressed in the next round of sorting, next weekend.  Less is more...

Also needed: decent lighting for the ironing-board area, and a way to store A3 papers.

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