11 May 2013

Sorting fabric

This is the preparation stage that takes the longest, the sorting - gathering fabric for making sewing kits and tool rolls. Recently I found a bin for these fabrics - and at the end of the day the bin gets put away in the cupboard, rather than everything left lying around. Or at least that's the theory! I've only been doing this for a few days, and that clean-up stage does add extra time at the end of the day - but oh how wonderful to come in to a tidy room, a bit like going to a workshop somewhere else, except you're in total control of what's going to happen (or at least that's the theory). 
I'd got to the stage where All Was Confusion so needed to sort through the bin, if only to remind myself what was already there. Sorting out dark and light, big pieces and little ones, plains and prints ... too many categories already! And then there's the woolly bits for the pockets, and the ribbons for the ties -
A bit of a rummage in a few drawers (to fill in the gaps of needed fabrics) turned up forgotten treasures, with new possibilities. For instance, this fabric bought in Australia (2005) will be jolly as the outside of a tool roll -
and this print on glazed cotton, which has been mellowing in the drawer for a mere two years, could become part of three sewing kits. It's a gorgeous vivid (but not too overpowering) yellow which the camera doesn't capture -
I'd love to get started now but have to be elsewhere this weekend.

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