17 May 2013

Drawing class, week 3

The set-up - I would have liked to move the bones on the left.
Note the distribution of the bright areas - they go beyond the edges of the paper
The topic is perceived tonal qualities. The lightest tones
should be about 1/3 of the drawing
After a long time checking and rechecking visually, we were allowed to
measure - and continue revising
How did I not notice the angle of that long shadow?  Objects' shapes added in
Now the dark tones, in heavy charcoal strokes
(note the  waterfalls of charcoal below the dark areas)
Finally, black pastel for the very dark areas - and
rubbing-out for the highlights
We had a choice of a "lit" arrangement, or one that was unlit and had less contrast to start with - but an interesting swirly shape. When we turned our easels round at the end of the session, the drawings really did look good - and, among even only 8 people, such a variety of approaches.

Much as I love drawing with charcoal - lots of dark charcoal - this probably isn't something I'd do in the textile studio -- too many little black bits floating around, and bigger bits breaking off.

Also, it's fine "doing what you're told" in class, even with the artificiality of the still life and its zany objects, but I don't feel the urge to try this kind of "considered" drawing at home ... though having said that, looking around the desk area there are some potential arrangements already in place. I still have a brick wall to break through, with this drawing thing, tied up partly with my feelings about space and chaos/mess, process and product - and, how best to spend time.

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