10 June 2013

Art I like - Betsabee Romero

Carved and gilded car tyres capture Mexican folklore
Betsabee Romero is a Mexican artist working with cars and tyres. Her themes include migration, modernism, and movement. I came across her work by chance  at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam in 2011, while working with my "journey lines".
Tyres leave a printed trail
She calls herself a “mechanic artist” and draws on Pre-Columbian iconography, colonial imagery, and popular culture to transform automobiles and their components into contemporary works of art. She refashions cars, carves tires, paints hoods, and incises mirrors to explore the tensions between local traditions and modern, industrialised societies dominated by speed, mass production, and emigration.
Exodus I (2007)
See more of her work here or on her website.

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