25 June 2013

Drawing course, penultimate week

Last week, we did two small drawings - this week and next, we're doing one large drawing - two sheets of paper taped together. The first stage was - using charcoal - to work out our composition, choosing a section of the large, rambling even, still life laid out on the floor.
First attempt, with some adjustments visible
My view of the still life
It wasn't working - rub it out, turn it over
and try again
(sorry about the splodges, it's the "floaters" on the camera sensor)
The easel position gets marked, for repositioning next week
Third attempt at getting the relationships of objects
Teacher helps with marking out the spaces for the box and letter S
Practising - a small version of the S shape
Three hours' work - mostly erasure - with more erasure to come...
This is cheating! But it gives me an objective look - helps with seeing
The diagonal of the mat - which I felt was the element that defined the composition - was throwing me off in the first two attempts, so the third attempt was simply of the objects in relation to each other, with the mat put in afterwards. Next week - finishing that S, enlarging the box, and doing that thing with texture ... textural diffusion ... more open in the front, denser in the back ...

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