22 June 2013

Open Studio opening

"My room" is upstairs, at the front of the house;
some pieces are in the hallway
The view as you enter; actual studio is on the right
The most recent work - the St Ives memory balls - and some older books
The east wall
The north wall
The west wall
Clay books and "naughty corners" - and tshirts - and a few bits of book art
A table of memory balls - with a chance to wind in your own name
The sewing chest - now supporting books
Small quilts (£35) and "Bon Mots"

"Sew on the Go" and "Binders Keepers"
Recent work and those oh-so-familiar travel bags
The guests arrive ... and (as the sun deigned to shine for a moment) spill into the garden
Intense conversations in the kitchen ...
... and upstairs
Later, a winding party
After the guests have gone, a reflective glass of  wine -
we got it onto the walls, and the people came
Since then, a full day of answering the door, talking about the work, answering questions, being on best behaviour -- and many moments of unexpected interest. All this work is "for" something - something more than the opportunity to make a little money.


The Idaho Beauty said...

What fun - looks like a great success. But what a long day - you truly deserve that glass of wine!

Felicity said...

that looks wonderful! I so wish I wasn't a 24 hour flight away :)

irenemacwilliam said...

Wow - looks fantastic. so much nicer than a gallery show, but of course so much more work.
I would have loved to have been able to be there.
I hope you do not have too big a let down after such a fantastic happening.

Jane Housham said...

It looks absolutely wonderful. Congratulations.

wholly jeanne said...

Everything looks wonderful, beautiful. So inviting and comfortable. I love seeing people relaxing and engaging with art all around them.