02 June 2013

"Provocative, manly" embroidery

Hand embroidery by Tim Moore.
(For the provocative stuff, go to lostateminor.com/2013/05/30/the-manliest-embroidery/ - nudes are always provocative, right?)

He uses vintage Sicilian fabric for his base cloth. And his passion for embroidery started with an in-flight sewing kit.

Tim's working method is to draw the picture first on paper, and then on the linen, then trace that with thread before filling it in with more thread. Each piece takes 50 to 100 hours to do. He says: I’d love to take six months and do one big piece but then it might become a bit inaccessible. I’d have to sell it for $10,000 and even then I’d only be getting $10 an hour."

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