03 June 2013

Resistance - and liberation

After the drawing class - as it was a sunny day (at last!) - I wandered round a few shops in Covent Garden, and was tempted by this summery number -
and resisted, only to be tempted by these books at Stanfords, the map shop -
... but resisted, thereby "liberating" nearly £100 all told. The theory of "liberated money" is that you have it in a hypothetical, or virtual, account that can at some time in the future be used to justify, rationalise, or make possible a truly compelling (and probably extravagant and irrational, but compulsively irresistible) purchase.


magsramsay said...

Like the £150 we 'saved' by chopping down our bay tree rather than getting a tree surgeon in!

Jill Dian said...

great idea...I'm getting one of those 'accounts'...thereby saving so much money!