05 July 2013

How long does it take?

After the previous bookwrap-making session, seven were left lying beside the sewing machine, waiting to have their bindings sewn on. Here they are, with glimpses of their inner pockets (carefully chosen fabric for the pockets). It took 2 1/2 hours to bind all seven, and that was with the pockets pinned in and the binding ready - just over 20 minutes each to sew on, turn, pin-baste, and topstitch. After some practice, I consider this quick, and it's just one part of the making; gathering and cutting the fabric for pockets and binding can take from 3 to 20 minutes per item, and the time spent making and quilting the main part is also variable, and can amount to hours.

Everyone making bookwraps for the tombola is contributing their materials and labour. And skill. No-one making a bookwrap, were the time spent being paid for, would "earn" anything like the minimum wage. They are worth more than that, and I hope the recipients of the hundreds of bookwraps that will be raffled will t

As I've said before, I'm making so many because it's a great way to re-purpose the unfinished and unwanted projects that are gathering dust or hidden away in cupboards. My own hidden agenda is that this purging will, subtly, reinforce the idea that getting rid of things - even fabric! - is possible. In rummaging through my stash again and again, I'm subconsciously noting fabrics that no longer appeal ... I've considered having a "discards" bag handy, but that would divert from the first purpose. The weeding out of fabrics comes later.
Meanwhile the pile of finished bookwraps is growing satisfactorily. I was aiming for 30 - and discover many more ufos waiting for treatment. Here are a few "before and after" photos.
From a workshop at least 10 years ago
the subject was banksia
Using tiny scraps of hand-dyes for a possible cot quilt
- but after six or seven years on the wall, the colours had faded
For these there are no "before" photos -
what was I thinking #234
ikea fabric from shortened curtains
(it never did become cushions)
abandonned around the time of the "River" exhibition, 2003

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Connie Rose said...

Hmmm, are we enmeshed in a new addiction here? LOL Love them, each one is lovely!