08 July 2013

This weekend's bookwraps

Several samples that eventually resulted in "Luna" and "Moons of the Mind" (2007) turned up - and while the rest of the UK or indeed world was watching the tennis, they became bookwraps.
To get the size right, and to position them accurately, I cut a paper template without seam allowances (ie, of the size of the finished article) and pinned it into place. Using a transparent binding (organza, for example), doubled, means you can see through to the edges of the template, making the usual 1/4" seam for the binding. Then the unnecessary fabric is trimmed off.
The pockets that hold the book inside the wrap are added by stitching outside the seam line (ie, within the seam allowance), then the binding is turned over and pinned down and stitched.

Three samples, three bookwraps -
Those below were once journal quilts - the size was 7" x 10", perfect for making into covers for A6 notebooks -
I had to add a new binding as my quiltlets had a zigzagged edge, but if yours have a binding already, here are instructions for unpicking the inside of the binding and adding four triangles at the corners, instead of long pockets.

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