16 July 2013

"Ways into abstract painting" - day 1

It was time to face up to my fear of paint, so I'm spending the week in a course at City Lit.

Today was about mark-making with various media. No matter how many times you do this, you can surprise yourself. The aim was to make the 16 sections different from each other
 but generally people had preferences for certain types of marks ... the start of a "voice".
 When does a mark become more than a mark - when is it on the way to becoming a composition?
 At the end of the morning, a discussion of at what everyone has done -
 In the afternoon, we chose objects and set to work moving our drawings away from the "reality" of the actual objects. I fixed on the idea of the handles of the jug and mug and how they might interlock, but a quick review of the drawings showed that the objects weren't unrecognisable enough!
Try again...
The finished drawing ... hardly satisfactory, but it does use some of the things learnt in the drawing course recently.
Lots going on around the room at the end of the day -

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magsramsay said...

Ooh this looks exciting!! Morandi inspired? I considered it but this week I'm at a moss conference at the Natural History Museum. Looking forward tho' to dusk watercolours next week.