29 July 2013

Last week's bookwraps

A couple of odd bods
Four A5-sized wraps made from the same UFO ...
... which needed quilting before being cut up
Three from one - samples of different variegated threads
and of different fancy stitches
Another abandoned bit of piecing that became three bookwraps
The red brigade
Grey power
Another couple of odd bods - conjoined pale samples, and a former journal quilt
Time is running out for my bookwrap-making obsession -- and, I'm pleased to report, the stock of UFOs and samples is running out too. Yet some things remain - for instance, these squares, made of tie silk and intended, long ago, for a lap quilt - there isn't time to make all nine squares into bookwraps, simply because other things are in the queue ahead of them.
As for this next quilt - I was looking forward to cutting it up, and it would have made 8 bookwraps ... but when it came to it, I couldn't do it -

Once that snake was taken off, I remembered the fun of the piecing and quiilting - four vertical strips were pieced randomly, by tossing a coin and pulling a strip out of one or other bag, something like that. some green strips had the red bits added beforehand, and those got used in the quilting as the centre of flowers, and I put in various sorts of flowers - begonias (top right) and fuchsias (bottom left ... but are they fuchsias?) among them -
 One day I'll get out the paints and turn this into ... something else ...

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