13 July 2013

Simple Windows tip

How do you move between programs, say from Word to email, or Photoshop to blogging?

Even though I know you can move back and forth using Alt+Tab, usually I mouse to the task bar (bottom of  screen) and click on the icon for the program.

But for those times when you need to go back and forth a lot - for instance when you're copying bits and pieces from one document to another - there is a much better option, and that is

... split screen.

You realise you'll be needing to go back and forth between programs, so you put your cursor on the task bar and right click to get a menu - choose the "Show windows side by side" option -
The programs you have open arrange themselves side by side (magic!).
But you want to use only Word and Blogger, so you click in the grey area at the top of the window [sorry, technical name escapes me], hold down the button and move the window to where you want it.
Repeat with the other window, and resize them, in turn, by clicking on the border, holding down the button, and dragging to size -
Done - a split screen with the desired windows neatly side by side -
Doesn't it make you feel super-efficient?!

1 comment:

Jane Housham said...

Thank you! Weirdly, I was wondering if it was possible to do this only yesterday. Sorted thanks to you.