03 July 2013

Spinning straw into gold

The "straw" came from someone else's scrap basket, and was probably offcuts of pieced strips -
At some point I had pieced the pieced pieces into a rectangle big enough for a bookwrap for an A6 book (10" x 6 3/4" - after quilting - is my template). At the right you can see the start of the quilting - it's just parallel lines, nothing fancy, but I did think carefully about what colour thread to use.

After all the "spinning", here is the finished object -
Not too bad, considering. Functional, and cheerful. 

This next pair was started in February (see the "before" pic here) -
Finally for today, this was an early journal quilt - I had had a good time appliqueing the circles and stitching all the french knots -
Waiting for their bindings are seven more, cut from three different UFOs. And there's still lots of "straw" in the cupboard.  

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Connie Rose said...

Don't you just love recycling your own art into other stuff? I'm continuing to find ways to use up some of the volumes of collages I did in the past.