21 April 2011

Art I like - Margaret Boozer

This is one of her "Red dirt drawings" -
"In these installations of unfired local clays, Boozer's graphic compositions of color, pattern and texture create small geologic events, manifestations of cause and effect celebrating clay's physical properties. Colors change, shapes warp, cracks emerge as counterpoint the artist's hand in these fragile and mutable works that cross genres between painting and sculpture, abstraction and representation."
Here it says: "Clay, especially as Boozer uses it, is an unruly medium. She lets the material and not the desired result dictate the terms of her work, which not only has the look of clay as you find it in the earth, but also emphasizes the geological processes by which clay is formed over time. As a sculptor, Boozer encourages the unpredictable results of the material. She disguises her own hand underneath the distortions promoted by the drying process. The duality of this effect is brilliant - and because the manipulation of the media is driven by the randomness of the result - unexpectedly recognizable as a variety of subject matter that crosses genres between representation and abstraction, and painting and sculpture."

It's that randomness - the unruly material - that interests me in her work.

See more on her website www.margaretboozer.com

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