19 April 2011

Journey line books

This morning I gathered all the sheets of paper printed during the past six weeks or so - they amount to 25 sheets of A2 size, 43 sheets of A3, and 28 sheets of A4. All are printed on both sides, the smaller sizes with up to six colours, but mostly two or three colours.
Now come the great questions of how to make them into books, and what kind of books - big floppy books? small springy books? interwoven books? concertinas, codexes, or crazily complicated? Should I leave the sheets intact, or should I cut them up into ever-smaller pieces?

The first step was looking critically at my rather random results, and documenting (preserving!) the ones I found particularly pleasing - inevitably they were the simple combinations (click to enlarge) -

The two sides of a sheet have no relation to each other. Many combinations are possible. It's all a bit confusing at the moment - not least because they are double-sided.

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