12 April 2011

Book du jour

Today's book started with some heavy, stiff packaging plastic. Once folded (which required some firmness), it didn't want to be opened very far - so I started thinking about what might go inside - a single sheet, rather than a book that needed to be paged through? Something that got looked at a lot, and needed to be protected (bus pas, or religious icon/object of worship)?
But plastic attracts dust and collects scratches -
Turning it on its side, I saw that it looked like a little house and immediately thought of glass houses. And of "transparency", very important in business and especially the business of publishing and editing -

The words for version 1, above, were written on acetate and sewn into the folded plastic with fishing line - quite tricky to do, because of the reluctance of the plastic to open wide (and the invisibility of the thread). So for version 2, below, I did the sewing first and then the folding -
Also the text is more succinct: Editors live in glass houses and need a transparency policy.
Version 3 could have the words written on the plastic, rather than on an additional sheet of acetate; they would have to be inside the fold, and half the words would have to be written in reverse. Could the words be printed on somehow...

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Sandy said...

you can print on overhead transparencies. Jim does it all the time. so if you knew how you meant to fold the book, you could work out which direction to layout the words.