11 April 2011

Car boot sale

Yesterday - in the glorious, summer-warm, spring weather - we were coming back from the garden centre in a spirit of optimism with a big tin of preservative to paint on the shed and fence when I wished, out loud, that there was a car boot sale ... so Tony drove round to where the big car boot sale used to be -- and there it was again! Reduced in space, and the entrance fee almost doubled, but still with many vendors and unknown surprises to be had. I'm looking for a bread bin - didn't find one, but came home with some books (including a road atlas) and some clothing items that have now become "repurposed fabric".

But that's not the entire point of the car boot sale - the most fun is seeing things that you'd never, ever have in your home...

1 comment:

Sharne Gregory said...

I can't wait for the carboot sales to start again in this area,it surprises me what people try and sell!