14 April 2011

Book du jour - and sky birds

As part of working on my "sky birds" project for the upcoming TVCQ show at Slough Museum, I finally sewed together the pages of bird silhouettes I'd made way back in November -
The idea was that the book would be made of transparent, stiff fabric, be tall and stand up, and some of the different silhouettes would become flocks of those kinds of birds -
"Simplify" is a good mantra, so I used very simple shapes to represent birds - just tick marks really - done with various pens -
The tracing paper allows them to be overlaid in various ways -


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I absolutely love this! What a fabulous idea to have the flocks of birds and the transparent pages.
(Rhonda in Dubbo, Australia)

Laura Bushell said...

These are lovely Margaret, really like them.