22 April 2011

Book du jour - journey lines book 3

Today's book used five sheets of A3, chosen because one side was quite dark - often, black printed on black.
After the choice of papers came more decisions... starting with, what size? Cut the sheets (25 x 38 cm) into halves, thirds, quarters, or some arbitrary measurement?
While cutting each into three strips and folding into four squares (8.3 cm), with a little flap left over for joining, I found some favourite areas -

After folding, the flaps were obviously too big - how much to cut off? And - glue them "around" or "under"? And, what order do the strips go in?
I liked the look of the "glue around" foredge -
but the "glue under" edge had more sparkle (and the joins were less noticeable on the dark side) -
No matter how careful you are with folding (well, no matter how careful I try to be with folding...) there can be considerable discrepancies! -
When the 15 strips were together, making 60 pages, I put the leporello through its paces (click to enlarge) -
My favourite thing to do with this book is to pour it from hand to hand. 8 or 9 cm is a good size for that.

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