12 April 2011

Some exhibitions

Some exhibitions seen recently... it's one thing to get out and see lots, and another thing to remember them all! I keep a file of the information picked up there, and try to at least mention them on the blog. Some are interesting at the time, others develop interest in retrospect, and some don't connect with anything I do or think. The fourth category is the ones-not-seen.

After reading about Mona Hatoum's Current Disturbance, I was eager to see her show at White Cube. In "Suspended", the seats of the big swings are sections of maps of cities around the world, most of them unrecognisable from a section of map -
The downstairs room was full of "buildings" of distressed metal ("Bunker") - rather post-apocalyptic ... see lots of images here.

Ida Appelbroog was making books - the 'comic strip works - in the 1970s, and went on to the 'marginalia' series in the 1990s. My favourite part of her show was the multi-canvas paintings. She describes herself as a 'generic artist' and her theme is the polemics of human relations -
Another artist involved with books and other forms of documentation is Dieter Roth, who went to live in Iceland. He photographed all the buildings in Rejkyavik (some 31,000), which were shown on multiple projectors - whirr, click; whirr, click ...

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