21 April 2011

Book du jour - journey lines book 2

One sheet of A4, cut in half to make a double turkish-map-fold and a small quadruple version, in progress -
The tiniest one just didn't happen! The double version with just lines seems like a dead end (even after some extra folding of points back on themselves), but the quadruple version could have possibilities for storing or displaying small slips of paper...
I like how the lines meet, and "someday"will see what happens with rectangles folded this wa. Perhaps the print needs to be on one side only?


Joanne in Canada said...

As I look at what you're doing with your printed papers, I wonder if you know the book, Supersurfaces,folding as a method of generating forms for architecture,products and fashion.
It might give you some ideas.
Happy Easter! Still learning from you and envying your life in London.

Margaret Cooter said...

Thanks, Joanne - I'll look for that book - it opens up a whole new avenue!