24 April 2011

Book du jour - journey lines books 4 & 5

Both zigzag concentinas are made from two sheets of paper, chosen because colours were similar on both sheets. In making the first one (three sections cut lengthwise from A4), I realised the fold was against the grain, so made another cutting against the grain and folding with the grain - two sheets of A3 cut into three sections -Deciding how to do the glue flap wasn't as much of a Big Decision today - decisions get easier with practice! - it seemed to need to have the lines running the same way, even if the colour changed. The folds were meant to be random but I noticed myself checking to see whether it would look better if the fold went here, there, or even further along.

This shows both sides - except that in the larger one, the inside is mostly hidden ... inside -
The asymmetrical zigzags make for a lot of playful possibilities -
These would need a case or envelope for storage and identification.

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