29 April 2011

Book du jour

It came to be time to bite the bullet and choose the pages (and their sequence) for "the big book" (A2 size). After turning all the prints over half a dozen times, discarding what didn't fit and rearranging - largely by colour - 16 pages made up the book. Its working title is "coffee table book" because it fits exactly on my coffee table. This is the first - or last? - page -and here are the rest -
Now for the binding - my ideas only extend to (a) perfect binding (glued spine) in which case the pages will lie flat; and (b) some sort of clamping of the spine, so the pages spring up and spill over, and if they were laid on a narrow enough table, would be a waterfall - and rather harder to turn.

Title - the decisions about format etc with these prints would be easier if I'd started out with a title/concept, rather than a system/process...

The "rejects" among the prints were mostly the busier pages. I made a viewing window and looked at one page in 4" and 3" square areas -
Some of these might become "tiles" to be kept in a box, perhaps with drop-down sides, perhaps lined with patterned paper, perhaps with plain.... One side of the tiles would be carefully chosen, but the reverse would be random (and possibly more interesting?) both in pattern and colour.

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