07 October 2013

Beyond rust dyeing

This is more straightforward than rust dyeing, but may be more limited in the kinds of patterning and subtleties it produces. Importantly, though, it won't break the machine needle when it's being sewn.

The active ingredients are lemon juice and heat. I saw it here and tried it with some squeezed lemons (top and bottom) and by flicking juice at the fabric (centre). Let it dry, then iron, at which point the colour will appear.


Sandy said...

Oh, the ironing bit is better than what I tried. I 'printed' with lemons onto fabric and then baked the fabric in the oven.
You can get subtle if you don't press the lemon too hard. not so easy because you can't see the results as you print. In other words, it doesn't have to be wet to have received enough lemon juice.


Connie Rose said...

How very cool!

Living to work - working to live said...

Thanks for the link. Definitely one to try.