01 October 2013

Colour mixing 8 - dictionary done!

Seeing the end so near, I put on a final spurt at the weekend, and now each page of Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary, 1983 edition, is painted.
 union-up to warhable-warren 1427-1469
cobalt blue, magenta, mixing white, phthalo turquoise, yellow light hansa
 wasserman-watch to Wren-write 1471-1509
yellow light hanse cadmium red, bright green, titanium white, mixing white, naples yellow
X to appendices 1511-1543
naples yellow, turquoise, magenta
appendices 1545-1583
magenta, cadmium red, mixing white, prism violet, turquoise, titanium white, cadmium red, payne's grey
pages 1427-1583, ending with payne's grey
What next? First, fixing the loose pages and the broken spine of the book. Then, perhaps a video/animation; or, a scroll (of the "page edges"); and maybe, some little books riffing on the colour names...

Also, I'd like to use some of my collection of gouache paint (some tubes have rather hardened)
or the half-dozen tubes of watercolour found in another drawer, in one of these dictionaries (having repaired the spine of the little one) -
and read this book, acquired recently and full of amazing information -

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