02 October 2013

Idris Khan at Victoria Miro gallery

"Beyond the Black" is on until 9 November - it's on my list to see, and happily the catalogue is available online - page through it here to find images like this one -
The show consists of "a suite of large black paintings, a monumental site specific wall drawing and a series of works on paper, all of which consider the metaphysics of creativity", says the gallery's website.

Khan is known for his multi-layered photographs of musical scores, literary texts, etc. This latest body of work focuses upon Khan's own texts influenced by Nietzsche's "The Birth of Tragedy."

The monumental wall drawing, taking a month to make, includes some 120,000 lines of text.
Khan says: "The title Beyond the Black asks you to think of looking past the surface of the painting, past the existence of the words and through the work to the meaning of its creation."

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