24 October 2013

Poetry Thursday - Candles by CP Cavafy

Candles by Achilleas Droungas

Days to come stand in front of us
like a row of burning candles -
golden, warm, and vivid candles.
Days past fall behind us,
a gloomy line of burnt-out candles;
the nearest are still smoking,
cold, melted and bent.
I don't want to look at them: their shape saddens me,
and it saddens me to remember their original light.
I look ahead at my burning candles.
I don't want to turn, don't want to see, terrified,
how quickly that dark line gets longer,
how quickly one more dead candle joins another.
From a blog post of an exhibition, in Greece, of artists responding to Cavafy's poems. See the rest of the paintings, and some more poems, at a-place-called-space.blogspot.co.uk/.
Candles by Costas Tsoklis
Cavafy (1863-1933) lived in Alexandria for most of his life, and wrote his most important poetry after his 40th birthday. His archive is at cavafy.com. Best-known among his canon (of 154 poems) is probably Ithaka, given in four translations on the site. 

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