15 October 2013

If ... (quilt or painting?)

"If Leaves were Blue" by Priscilla Kibbee (via the SAQA art quilt newsletter)

imho this quilt - 30" x 36" - needs to be a quilt rather than a painting because the fabric contributes so much. The patterning of the chosen fabrics is used to add to the overall effect - and the colour, the basic premise of the piece, gets me thinking about things that go mouldy - how leaves sometimes get a furry infestation that takes away their greenness, and indicates that all is not well with the plant. The title gets me thinking of alternate universes, and about the importance of water (blue brings water to mind). The "hot" colours in the background seem to move forward, seem to push the "cool" leaves forward, which sets up an interesting tension.

1 comment:

Connie Rose said...

What a beautiful piece!