27 October 2013

Four from the bookshelf

These books, by sisters Roberta Horton and and Mary Mashuto, were published in the early 90s. I thumbed through to see what has dated and what still has appeal for me.
Plaids on Hand (front) by Roberta Horton, 1989
the back (59" x 47")

Walk on the Wild Side by Marion Ongerth, Berkeley, CA, 1988
 Two quilts about the Japanese-American experience in WW2 - of being sent away to internment camps -
Exodus: April 1942 by Donna Egan Holt, Villings, MT, 1990
Letting Go by Naoko Ann Ito, Berkeley, CA, 1990
 Next, a pleasant quilt, though I'm not sure about the tilt -
Dawn for a New Day by Mary Mashuta, 1993
Eye-opening use of African fabrics -
Trois Poissons by George Taylor, Anchorage, Alaska, 1994
A nice simple colour scheme -
Hope: A View from Broadway Terrace by Roberta Horton, 1992
 Some mended items - "no attempt has been made to hide the repairs, perhaps because the object is utilitarian. Each repair results in an enhancement in the sense that the item is now unique; it's unlike any other of its kind. In a strange way, the repair is often beautiful" -
 Finally, isn't this amazing fabric -

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Kathleen Loomis said...

I have all four of those books on my shelf too. Always thought "The Fabric makes the Quilt" was the best of the bunch.

I love to read old quilt books like these -- it was an era when publishers would do concept books, not just project directions. Some of the info and images are dated but in general I think they hold up pretty well. I keep all my quilting books in my bedroom so I can read them before I fall asleep.