22 October 2013

Seen in store

Amid a day of going to exhibitions (Michael Landy at National Gallery; Australia at the RA; Thirteen Textile Group at WAC Gallery) we visited Anthropologie on Regent Street.
"Still" is an exhibition made of 3589 feathers
Close-up, with lighting changed in Photoshop (Control+Shift+B)
There were some enticing things I didn't really need, like these embroidered teatowels ("too good to use" - at £18) -
We're used to seeing extra buttons supplied, in case one falls off ... here's some further thoughtful customer care, a charming little spool of thread in case ... of what? seams coming apart? snags needing repair? -
And for the Christmas season, squirrel nutcrackers, feeling very solid and, hopefully, ruthlessly efficient -

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