28 October 2013

Monday miscellany

"Barn the Spoon" has a little shop in Hackney; he sits in the window and whittles
See the video at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22467510
Moan on Monday: it's so annoying when instead of having a website an artist has only a facebook link. Not everyone in the world, or even in the art world, is on facebook. In fact probably a sizeable proportion of people who buy art occasionally - ie, older people, "grey money" - don't want to be on social media, though they're otherwise ok with using a computer.

(via) LAND is Los Angeles Nomadic Division, "contemporary public art projects for Los Angeles
and beyond"; see more of Rob Fisher's work at rob-fischer.com

a thought - "Taking traditional objects apart and putting them back together in a new way prompts us to question our assumptions." Found on Judy Martin's blog, here.

Resonant scraps - mysterious, intriguing -
could be the start of something
Other scraps (edges of things): "might be useful sometime"
If you can get to the National Gallery before 24 November, do go see Michael Landy's "Saints Alive". When he arrived in 2010 to be artist in residence, the studio was bare, and he sat at a table and drew. Then he hit on the idea of collaging pictures of saints, and by the time he finished, the studio was completely littered.
Landy at work (via)
The large composite sculptures of saints - which whirr and clank satisfyingly - were cast off site from his drawings. The collages are shown too - and postcards of them are available in the shop -

"Letter Rain" by Gwythir Irwin (held by the Tate) reminds me of some of the work by Mira Schendel currently showing at Tate Modern, especially Graphic Object -
Irwin (1931-2008) was a painter, fabric designer, and maker of collage.

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