12 October 2013

What a map!

For 50 years, Jerry Gretzinger has been creating a map of a fictional world. It now comprises over 2500 sheets of A4 paper, compiled by working for an average of 20 minutes a day over 30 years (there was a time when he set it aside) - a total of 15 working months within his 79 years.

He decides which sheet he'll work on by drawing a card from a specially customised deck. To keep the map from being purely representational he'll add bits and pieces like photographs, tickets, drawings.

You can watch a short video of him talking about the map here, where you'll also find more images - to whet your appetite, here's one closeup, obviously a page under construction -
Follow the map's progress at http://jerrysmap.blogspot.co.uk/


Jane Housham said...

That has completely and utterly awed me. Thank you so much for showing me that. I would so love to see it in the flesh. He has made his own world! Reminds me a little of Henry Darger -- but also completely different at the same time. Yet similar levels of absorption?

Diane-crewe said...

WOW! that is a true life work x such dedication .. even if he did stop for 20 years xx lol x

Sharon Robinson said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing.