09 October 2013

Further hooking adventures

Looking for a small hooking project - to stretch onto a needlepoint frame, for ease of working - I hit on the idea of insoles for my worn-away sheepskin slippers. (The felt insoles I'd made in the past haven't lasted too well; these may be sturdier.)
Strips of fabric enlarged the sides of the hessian offcut so it could be sewn onto the frame and stretched. The pattern was derived from a bit of faffing around with some paper outside and inside the slippers.
Stitching went quickly - I added the dark line freehand and then some "leaves" and "flowers", filling the background with strips of what used to be a woollen jacket.
When both insoles were hooked, I machine-stitched around the outside, trimmed, and sewed the hessian to the back. It's recommended to add iron-on interfacing to help hold the hessian, but I sewed it fairly thoroughly, and didn't have any interfacing to hand.
In situ, the insoles are quite bulky and have an invigorating massage-like quality as one walks.

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LA Paylor said...

Wow, that was unexpected! I love hooking rugs but never thought of making insoles.
LeeAnna Paylor

The Inside Stori said...

Well.....how clever is that!!! I love the concept and the design....even if only the soles of your feet will see it! Very, very impressive!

Jill Dian said...

Absolutely super Margaret....only you could think of a brilliant idea such as this!

Sarah Johnson said...

Has to be my next small project especially for my elder daughter who gets chilblains and is living in badly heated student digs!